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Handfeeding Chickadee's Behind the Rocky River Nature Center

Yesterday morning I took my parents out to the trails behind the Rocky River Nature Center in the Cleveland Metroparks to hand feed the chickadee's and see where I have gone to take all the songbird photos you see on the site. It was a very cold morning so the birds were not all that active. Normally I go out around 8 am and dump seed into one of the stumps just off the trail and the birds will all of a sudden flock out of no where. With it being so cold yesterday, we were able to get a few of the birds to come out and land on my parents hands.

The photos above are a couple of the ones which turned out since these birds are skidish and come in grab seed and then take off just as fast as they come in. They are extremely tame to the point they will come in and buzz your head and then will land on your hand. The second photo above in the set I am titling "Can't...Hold....On!" - in reality the bird was caught mid flight from leaving my mom's hand after grabbing some seed.

I highly recommend taking your kids out to the Metroparks with some thistle seed or seed and general and try to attract the birds. They are fun to watch flit around and listen to them sing their songs. It's nice to see that amongst the suburban area's there are some areas where people can still go out and enjoy nature.