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EST. 2013

"A Look Through the Lens"

Blog to document the photo adventures and different client as well as personal projects which I have completed as well as works in progress. 

Long Exposures on Lake Erie

Tonight was the perfect night to head down to Huntington Beach to capture the surf.

The wind was blowing around 15 mph out of the NE. Tonight's waves were around 3-4ft coming into the beach. Tomorrow, in Port Clinton, it is supposed to be blowing 30 mph out of the N-NE. This is estimated to form approximately 8-10ft waves.

Gear Used:

I took my Canon EOS 70D, Tamron 10-24 mm SP Lens, along with a Neutral Density filter to allow for longer shutter speeds to blur the waves. To compensate for the longer shutter speeds, I brought along my Manfrotto Tripod, and cable release. The addition of those two pieces of equipment allow for crisp details on the stationary objects and blurring of moving ones.

Shooting Technique:

I was able to achieve exposure times of 2 to 8 minutes shooting at F/29-F/34. The shortest exposure time in the batch was 1/8th of a second (with no ND Filter) and the longest was 4 minutes (with 10 Stop ND filter).